A tax controversy attorney or tax dispute resolution lawyer is an important support system and resource for you when you have challenges with the IRS. Anticipated and actual tax disputes can have a significant impact on your company and your individual person when handling IRS appeals, audits and tax litigation.

Our tax controversy attorney at Stein Law LLC assists you with dealing with the IRS at every level of administrative proceedings from audit level proceedings to pre-audits to appeals and litigation, when necessary. We review all aspects of potential tax audits and tax controversies, including voluntary disclosures, mitigating potential disputes before they arise or before the IRS gets involved and managing the tax controversy dispute process.

Our tax controversy lawyer is thoroughly experienced in every facet of tax litigation and the strategies necessary to help you resolve the tax controversy as soon as possible. A tax lawyer is uniquely equipped to handle complex legal tax matters, such as unfiled returns, settling back taxes, undoing property liens, and stopping wage garnishment.

Prompt intervention by a tax controversy attorney can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Understanding all of the elements of tax controversy can be especially complicated for a business owner and there is no doubt that interacting with the IRS is intimidating. When this is elevated to the matter of a tax controversy or dispute, interacting with the IRS in an adversarial manner becomes even more complicated. The assistance of an experienced tax controversy attorney in Georgia is essential for all four components of a tax controversy. The most common tax controversies include audits and examinations, appeals, judicial proceedings, and collections.

At each phase of this process, it can be beneficial to you to schedule a consultation with a tax controversy attorney who can help you understand your rights and responsibilities. Tax dispute resolution requires an attorney who has extensive experience in this area of the law and knows how to best prepare you to anticipate what to expect. IRS audits, appeals, judicial proceedings and collections should all be taken seriously. It is imperative that you engage an experienced tax controversy attorney and resolve the issues facing you as soon as possible. The insight of a lawyer can make it easy for you to navigate this complicated legal process and protect your rights as much as possible.