Planning on starting a new business in Atlanta, Georgia and have questions about the right strategy for your company? One of the most important things you can recognize right away is that not all attorneys are created equal. In fact, at our business strategy law firm here in Atlanta, people often seek us out as a result of a personal referral because of a friend or family member who had a positive experience.

We like to say that we treat our clients much like family. We understand the importance of having the right strategy not just when you start your company but over the long haul too. In fact, it’s not our goal to serve you in a once and done capacity. We are here for you to call upon us for further advice and information as your company scales but it all begins with the consultation regarding the startup process. The legal representative that you choose to help you establish your new business in Atlanta is an important decision.

Discovering that an attorney doesn’t understand what it means to be an early-stage startup to being hit with significant fees because you didn’t understand the billing agreement, you don’t want a relationship that seems to kick off on the right foot to blow up in your face. Here are some questions that you can ask to make sure that you get the right startup lawyer in Atlanta.

Can You Tell Me About Comparable Companies You’ve Worked With?

A knowledgeable startup lawyer in Atlanta will be able to advise you about other similar companies that they have provided services to. The stage of your company is one of the most important things to consider when selecting an attorney. The specifics of your industry as well as your fundraising efforts should also help direct you to the right startup lawyer in Atlanta. You need someone who is not just familiar with the process but is willing to help provide you the guidance and counsel you need as your company navigates the process of getting started.

What Are Your Fee Arrangements?

This might seem like a minor question that you could easily ignore but it’s a big mistake to assume that you understand your attorney’s billing practices. No one wants to get hit with a massive invoice after the fact, particularly when you are trying to keep track of all of the details of starting a new business. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification about fee agreements when you first start working with an attorney. Make sure that you understand all of the specifics about how time will be billed especially if it is handled by other employees or contractors working for the firm. Some attorneys bill for their assistant’s time, research time, email answering and phone calls. If you are not working with a startup lawyer in Atlanta on a flat fee basis, you need to be very clear about when and how you’ll be billed.

Starting a new business in Atlanta is exciting, but you need to know you have the right support.

What Is Your Primary Area of Focus?

In the modern world, many law firms including mine, focus on specific types of practice issues. As a startup lawyer in Atlanta, I make it a primary goal of mine to serve a marketplace that has advanced needs for starting up their business and establishing the right strategy for doing so. Be vary of anyone who tells you that they are a generalist. A person who has more advanced experience and background working in a particular area might be able to more successfully help you navigate challenges. Knowing about somebody’s past experience can also put you at ease about your level of confidence in working with them to start on your business.

How Experienced are You with Technology?

It goes without saying that a modern startup lawyer in Atlanta should have some experience and comfort level with technology. This is particularly important if you are launching a technology company. It is imperative that your startup lawyer in Atlanta understand the specifics of your industry and be able to answer some of the questions that might emerge specific to technology companies. Make sure that you schedule an initial consultation with an Atlanta startup lawyer to get your questions answered and to get a feel for how you could potentially work with this attorney over the long haul.

Are you ready for support launching a new Atlanta business? Once you’ve done the homework of building a business plan and vetting your idea, it’s time to sit down with an Atlanta startup attorney to discuss how to open your doors or online business as successfully as possible for the Atlanta market.

We’re here to help- my office has been behind the launches of other successful businesses and I want to be a part of your journey, too. Now is the time- schedule a consultation with my office today. We’ll talk virtually and create the roadmap you need to move forward.