A number of our clients and indeed many business owners around the country have filed for and already received PPP loan funds. Many of them have done so not just to protect their current employees, but to take advantage of the opportunity to get loan forgiveness. If this applies to you, there’s important news on that front: the form is already available for loan forgiveness.

You should already have your books in order to be able to show that the funds were spent on the right kinds of expenses. If you have good accounting and recordkeeping already, it will be simple for you to fill out the form and request loan forgiveness. Given the fact that so many of the banks and processors were overwhelmed when this money was first released, it will likely pay off for you to be very well organized when it comes to submission of this loan forgiveness form.

Need help completing the form? Want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes that could jeopardize the form’s acceptance? We’re here to help you with the form and to help you prepare for any other business or tax strategy questions you have in relation to the PPP loan or other planning for your business.

We have extensive experience helping our clients adjust to current challenges or law changes; having an established relationship with a knowledgeable tax strategy attorney will make it easier for your business to adapt to current circumstances as well as opportunities coming down the pike in the coming months and years.