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Our clients are almost like family (but without baggage).
If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

– Benjamin Franklin

Your Needs Are Our Priority

The attorneys and staff at Stein Law work closely with clients to develop growth plans that are customized to meet the acquisitive or organic needs of our clients and their companies.

That is the stuffy version of what we do.

Here’s the real-world version.

We’ve been doing this for over two decades. We are exceptional at what we do.

Due diligence, negotiating purchase and sale agreements, providing assistance in the intricate financing arrangements that these kinds of situations require – that’s what we do best. 

You and your interests are the priority here. 

We leverage our existing relationships and align our clients’ companies with similar businesses and profit models. 

We love what we do, are fun to work with, and at the end of the day, we take really good care of our people. 

Primary Practice Areas

Corporate Services

Starting a business, merging companies, or moving your company requires a smooth hand and a savvy advisor.

That’s Stein Law. 

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Tax Planning & Controversy

There isn’t anything sexy or fun about Tax Planning or Tax Controversy, but this is our bread and butter.

We take your headache and fix it.

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Estate Planning

When it comes to your estate, the way your neighbor did his isn’t going to help you. Every estate is different.

Stein Law has the acumen and the knowledge you need.
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From Our Clients

I have worked with the Stein Law team for over 5 years through a myriad of business and personal transactions.  The counsel I have received has allowed me to protect myself, mitigate taxation and simply make better informed decisions about running my business.  I consider Doug and his team as my own Board of Directors of sorts, and highly recommend them to anyone needing a highly competent, results oriented, legal advisor.


Marietta, Georgia

“There are two types of lawyers ones you use periodically and avoid and others who become partners to your business and genuinely care. Stein Law is the latter, we have used Stein Law and Doug Stein as our attorney for the last 6 years and will keep him for another 20, Doug is brilliant, meticulous, well informed and an excellent advocate. I would refer anyone to use Doug’s legal services.”

J & K

Atlanta, Georgia

“I have been working with Stein Law firm for a few years now.

This firm excels in providing personal, warm and caring legal services to their clients. There was never a time when I felt taken for granted as a customer. They always walked the extra mile for me even without me asking. Whenever I seek for a legal advice I always get answers with affirmation, courtesy and patience.

Mr. Stein and his team are brilliant people, they work hard with great integrity and the highest level of professionalism in their field. Not many people are happy with their lawyer, I am proud to say that this is not my case
I wont replace my lawyer with anyone else in America, as for now apparently Mr. Stein is stuck with us forever.”


Atlanta, Georgia

Doug and the Stein Law team, Thank you for everything that you do for me personally and for my company. I never could have imagined what started as contract review for the business turned into everything from personal tax preparation to consultation in nearly every facet of the business. You give me the confidence we are making good decisions. That’s exactly what I’m looking for from my legal team. Thanks for being a partner in my company’s success.


Dallas, Texas

“As a founder of a not-for-profit, I wanted to protect the integrity of the organization and its mission from the very beginning. Mr Stein was able to structure the corporation, ensuring that the uncertainties faced by visionaries were addressed, while at the same time developing a strategy that strongly supported the Board of Directors and the executive leadership.  Douglas Stein is incredibly sharp and creative in his approach. He takes very complex issues, turns them around and observes them with a 360 degree lens. It is with that understanding that he crafts contracts and agreements to protect and guide our organization through an unpredictable future.  

At Stein Law, LLC we may be a small client, but the service and value add they bring, make us feel as if we were a top 100 corporation.”


Aventura, Florida

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